How to convince my parents to let me get a facebook account?

Answer Let your parents have access to your account. If your not going to be doing anything wrong then what's to lose?? If it's just for social networking etc. obv u don't want them seeing everything! I u... Read More »

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How to convince my parents to let me make Facebook!?

They can't actually stop you if your thirteen.Just use a public computer.

Convince me why i should or shouldn't have a facebook account?

open your account by all means, open your private life and private thoughts to the world. dive in headfirst to the world of sh1t stirring, backstabbing and noseyness. reduce yourself to allowing th... Read More »

Car's how do i convince my parents to let me have the car i want?

Hi, Firstly - Parents are always right. Even when they are wrong!!! If the mini is such an unsafe car, why were so many of them sold here? Nonsense, they are great cars, easy to maintain, simple an... Read More »

How do I convince my parents to let my buy a motorcycle?

Sit down and have a serious talk with them about it. Volunteer to watch motorcycle safety videos with them before they buy it. Inform them of the high fuel economy of motorcycles as compared to reg... Read More »