How to create a torrent?

Answer In uTorrent you use File>Create New torrent.(Ctrl+N). Part of the process will direct you to select the content that the torrent will be used to transfer. If you use File>Add torrent, uTorrent wi... Read More »

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What should I click on in pirate bay 'Get this torrent' or 'get torrent file'?

Either one is OK. "get this torrent" is a link to the magnet link for the download"get torrent file" is a link to the torrentBoth will get the same content.This explains the two a bithttp://news.s... Read More »


BitTorrent makes it easier for people to share big files (like movies, cd-quality music albums, etc). To do it, you need a BitTorrent client. I like Azureus, which you can download at http://azureu... Read More »

Fast torrent?

You don't mention which torrent client you use. I would use uTorrent as it doesn't hog your system resources, it also doesn't use port 6881 and has a facility for checking if your port is configure... Read More »

Torrent download?

download utorrent. Its torrent file handling software and free. once utorrent is installed double click on the torrent file you have downloaded and utorrent will then download the file you are afte... Read More »