How to create account adsl in the win 8?

Answer The 'ADSL' or 'Cable internet' etc. distinction is only as far as it getting in the house to your broadband router.From there to the computer, it's just 'WiFi' (or a an ethernet cable).If the compu... Read More »

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How do I create an account for use on ebay amazon and anything else if I do not have a current bank account?

You don't, I'm afraid.If you have a problem opening a current account, see if a bank will let you have a 'basic bank account'. See…

Can I create another Microsoft account with the same email address of my old account?

Unless they've changed something - no. I've tried it before with a hotmail account. However, I was able to reactivate the old account.With that message you're getting, I'd try waiting 12-24 hours... Read More »

How to Create a New Facebook Account & Move Everything to the New Account?

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Why would it not let her create another account?

Cookies, dear Sasha, and not of the biscuit variety. Now, one should download a very handy tool called "C Cleaner". Run it, and hey presto, one should be able to create another account. However, th... Read More »