How to delete (Q:) drives?

Answer Please read here:…Excerpt 1:"based on Application Virtualization technology. The Q:\ drive is the virtual file system drive where virtualized apps "live" ... Read More »

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What are the relative efficiencies and reasons for power losses in sprocket and chain drives, rubber cogged belt drives, pulley drives, and gear drives — RA, Montreal, Quebec?

The only power loss mechanisms I can think of in each case are sliding friction and vibration. The drive system most likely to experience substantial sliding friction is a pulley (or smooth belt) d... Read More »

Should i delete system 32 to make my pc run faster or should i just demagnetise my hard drives?

I've heard if you coat a CD with Red Bull and pop it in the tray, it gives the system wings!

Pros & Cons of USB Flash Drives and Portable Hard Drives?

Two innovations led to the ubiquity of external storage: the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port and the advances in solid state "flash" memory. Floppy discs have been rendered entirely obselete due to... Read More »

How many Hard Drives or Solid State Drives can I have on my motherboard?