How to delete all inbox emails at once?

Answer Up at the top of the first page you will see a Check or Select all for that page.Then click on Delete and it will remove all the emails on that page which willbring up the next page. Do the same ag... Read More »

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My Gmail emails disappear from my inbox?

You must have mistakenly changed the settings on your emailgo to settings and change it back to mail to inbox

Why does compacting email cause loss of emails in inbox?

You don't list the specifics of your situation, so I can't say for sure.If your users are using IMAP for email access, this may be what's going on:IMAP message stores store flags with each message,... Read More »

How can i copy all my emails i get and save them to my harddisk so i can read them later and delete my emails?

For windows user can use MS Outlook and other software also do easily.>Should use likes POP3 and SMTP Email providersYou should not use webmail.But you need to know what kind of mail server do you ... Read More »

Using my iPad how do I delete my inbox messages on facebook?

Hold your finger down on the message (When its in your inbox) it should come up with Archive or something.