How to delete deleted history!?

Answer :P that's funny! :P Is your dad a computer expert?If you really want to get rid of all of the history you can go through the trouble of saving all of the files that you want and then changing the ... Read More »

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How do you completely delete internet history I deleted all of my google searches as well, but somehow...?

Download CCleaner from the internet. It's a free program that deletes temporary files, browsing history and the recycle bin.(Google CCleaner)

I was wondering does the iPad 2 keep deleted internet history even if it has been deleted?

Of course your ISP will keep your internet history. They have to, by law. They can also find out if you're using proxies and other IP changing software. Deleting your history from your iPad or othe... Read More »

Is it poss. to view all internet history, even deleted history?

In short yes you can and its quite easy. There are hidden files in Windows and are called 'Index.dat'. A description of what they are and a download is available at Read More »

I want to delete my history and cookies from Firefox to make my past viewing history disappear. How?

pretty sure all you do is just click on the tools tab and the hit internet options and it should be right there "delete history" and "delete cookies" if your selling your computer i would look int... Read More »