How to delete photos from i pad ?

Answer If you mean from the photo roll section click into the photo icon 1. Allow the photos to load and select the photo you don't want. Once it's displayed put your finger on it and a top header menu wi... Read More »

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How to Delete Photos From iPad Apps?

Unlike most apps native to the iPad, "Photos" does not use a long press gesture to bring up the delete options. This can cause confusion for iPad users who are familiar with both this and the sidew... Read More »

How to Delete Photos From Digital Camera?

You can delete photos in the digital camera by using delete option in the camera menu or you can connect the camera to the PC and open pictures in the photo gallery to delete.

IPad - how do I delete photos from only one album?

You cant.. You HAVE to keep it in the camera roll or else it will be deleted from ALL the albums.

How do I delete all photos from my pc hard drive and other folders?

You can search image file only, choose which one you want to delete and press shift delete (it will bypass recycle bin and gone forever)