How to delete/mute speech from media file?

Answer As I know, Cool Edit Pro can do this work. Or you can try Adobe Audition.

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Can someone take a media file from my phone through hacking?

yes, any deleted file on a smart phone or computer can be retrieved with forensic software. Only way to prevent it is multiple successive low level formats for a physical hard drive or destroying t... Read More »

Tuneup media-like software that renames the 'track.mp3' file?

I use MAGIX MP3 Deluxe and it has some cool features for find names and renaming tracks,

How to Create a CSV File From an AS400 File With Column Headings?

The AS/400 file format is proprietary, meaning that you must have a specific type of software loaded to create or use it. But the comma separated value (CSV) file is more universal. You can read a ... Read More »

How can I change the file type of a music file e.g. from wma to wav.?

dBpowerAMP Music Converter .this program can help you .