How to disable wi-fi connection to my samsung smart tv?

Answer I would check your routers settings, there may be a way to configure what connected devices can access internet at selected times. I am unfamiliar with SKY routers however, most routers can have 3r... Read More »

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Samsung Smart TV and PC Connection?

You need to switch over to the VGA output.It can normally be done with a combination of holding the FN key and pressing one of the F keys, which one varies depending on laptop though (on HP laptops... Read More »

Samsung/Smart TV problem?

You could download the version you want from the internet and load it into the tv. You will need to aglow installation of 3rd party apps in you settings. Thx for the reply. Not sure about the "aglo... Read More »

How do you disable a passenger airbag in a smart car to carry a baby seat?

I wouldnt put a small child in a smart car......come to think of it I wouldnt like any one I cared about anywhere near one!!

External sound on a Samsung smart TV?

Get yourself a surround sound blueray/dvd and simply plug in and enjoy. Thanks for the idea, Chris, but another £250+? I suppose it's better than just blowing that on a soundbar, though.A You could... Read More »