How to download torrents faster with BT?

Answer BT does restrict peer to peer activity such as torrents. But that is only during peak hours. However if it is 2kbps, the issue lies somewhere else. because with all their restrictions, you should s... Read More »

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How do You Download Torrents?

One way for you to download a torrent is with the use of Lime Wire. Choose a torrent that you would like to download and save it to your computer, and then open your Lime Wire. Simply click file i... Read More »

How do You Download Epub Books on Torrents?

For you to download ebooks on Torrents, first download a program that can read the format for your ebook. Then make a folder to store your downloads and transfer them to your ebook. Downloads are a... Read More »

Can you still download torrents in windows 8 with virgin media?

Because he is dumb...When he set up windows he chose "express settings"And with that or any other software or w/e, choosing express settings means you are basically agreeing to everything w/o readi... Read More »

If i download torrents can my laptop get viruses very easily?

most likely... downloading torrents online is like messing with people without protection.doesnt mean you will catch something, but chances are you safe.use protection.(antivirus software ... Read More »