How to find a fake profile of me?

Answer Save your pictures as jpegs then look them up on both (under upload an image) and on (click on the camera icon in the search box then upload an imag... Read More »

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How do i delete a fake profile?

when you report it, you have to include some proof, like maybe a salute picture, and a link to your real profileotherwise anyone could just report any profile they want and get it deleted

Trace a fake profile?

Yeah, the police can trace you up if anyone reports you or tells them. Don't talk to anyone but your boyfriend on the fake profile. Good luck with your relationship =)

How to know if there's a fake Facebook profile of you?

There is no Way to Check Who Is Using Someones Pictures in a Different Name Not Possible Sorry

Men! Do you fancy women witn fake hair, fake nails, fake breasts, fake skin colour..?

That's what guys say but there just pissed off and know that girl is gonna turn em down aha if u look good u look good regardless of how much makeup