How to find out someones past relationship status on facebook?

Answer Just look through all the history on thier wall...scroll down and click show more posts.

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Facebook How can i block my relationship status from everyone Accept the person i'm in a relationship with.?

Lol Oh Richard you really do deserve all the comments from above! typical bloke! There's no way of doing it so i suggest you tell your friends she's your girlfriend! she cant be that bad! lol

On facebook how do you hyperlink someones name in your status?

Here's a step-by-step guide which will show you what to do.# Type your status.# When you reach the part where you want to type your friend's name, put an '@' sign and type the first three letters o... Read More »

Is there a simple way to find out someones myspace status?

add him to your favourites list.he wont know you have done this.and then go onto your favourites, it should say info such as relationship status, age, when his profile was last updated etc.

How to Edit Who Can See Your Relationship Status on Facebook?

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