How to find out your hotmail alternate email adress password?

Answer Use the lost password recovery.~

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Blocked hotmail account. cant remember alternate email address. how to reactivate?

you should be given an option of alternate e-mail or answering questions about who when you set up the accounthave had to do this once for my wife for the same reason as what you stated

How can you find out all the things your hotmail adress is signed up to?

You can´t. Every site you sign up to, uses it´s own system to send you e-mail. the e-mail provider does not have that information. But when you open a subscription e-mail, then below, at the end,... Read More »

How to Change the Email Password for Hotmail?

To access your e-mail account on Hotmail, a free web-based program, you must successfully enter the password associated with the account. If you know your current Hotmail password, you can access y... Read More »

How do I change my Hotmail password, does anyone else find the Microsoft menu useless?

Hey, go on your hotmail mainpage. on the right click on options, and choose more options. select view and edit personal info (they will ask you to retype your password) then look for the **** (whic... Read More »