How to fix my Belkin wifi adapter ?

Answer Talk to Belkin support, they are very good.

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Wifi adapter or Powerline Adapter?

If it's a desktop, I wouldn't think twice about running a networking cable to begin with. Wireless sucks if you want all the speed your ISP allots you.Edit: Have it your way. Just don't come in her... Read More »

Belkin Wireless adapter how can i get it to work?

Download the driver's first. Plug in the adaptor, windows will either pick it up as plug and play, or you can go to add remove hardware. Once the adaptor is picked up by Windows, you will see a n... Read More »

Drivers and software for belkin wireless adapter?…

Can a six year old Laptop run a Belkin wireless Adapter ?

I've got an eight year old Dell that previously had Windows 2000 on it. I got it, installed Windows XP on it, installed more RAM and it's working good.I'm currently on it now, it's the family comp... Read More »