How to fix privicy settings of facebook. Only friends of friends can add me?

Answer Your friends have friends. Those are who they are referring to. It means your friends and the friends of your friends can see this thing.

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When you go to your friends on facebook why is there always seven friends on the left?

I can't figure this out myself. But Facebook is going down the toilette's...Cheers

Why is facebook suggesting friends to me even though we have no mutual friends?

Facebook never focused on this issue. They want you to add as many people as you do. For this, they compare your data with other profiles and if they find a match they'll suggest this.Normally some... Read More »

Facebook friends has changed. How can you look up what your friends status is?

When you click on the friends link, you have the option of "status update", it will only show those friends who have posted something recently. If you get the list of all your friends, the ones wh... Read More »

On facebook, are your friends generally friends or do you add them just to get the numbers?

I only have 14 friends on there,they were all classmates.I was friendly with them,but not best friends.