How to get alot of ref in TF2 ?

Answer i dont understand your question

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Which is it........alot or a lot?

They are the same people who say, "nucular" and "gotta." I'm sure you've been around Y!A enough to see the worst spelling and grammar offenses. People write what they hear and they often don't th... Read More »

Who knows alot isn't actually a word?

You are perfectly correct, 'alot' does not exist as a word.Allot means 'to give or apportion (something) to someone as a share or task.'A lot means 'to a very great degree or extent.'

Is 480MB of RAM enough or alot?

480MB of RAM is laughable for any 3D apps, or PC gaming. Listen to what the other guys said...You can always visit to scan your PC and see what games it can from from ... Read More »

Will i get taxed alot?

LOL you haven't told us how much you currently earn or what extra you will get from another job and you expect us to tell you how much tax you will pay? I wouldn't bother trying for the second job... Read More »