How to get more views?

Answer Well, as you're new to eBay I must give you the low down from a HIGHLY experienced Sell/buyereBay bidding doesn't start until there is 1 day or so left, the most action occurs in the last 5 hours o... Read More »

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Youtube Partnership requirments age subs views per video How much money per 1000 views?

It is not that easy becoming a YouTube partner. Only 1 in a 100,000 accountshave partnership; that's a measly .0001%. Almost all those partners are eithera film / video creator or producer, an arti... Read More »

How do u get more views on youtube channel look at my video i dont have any views

Look for some ideas in the YouTube Creator Playbook:…


you should pay me like 20 pennies for having to see that

How do you get more views on youtube?

The best thing to do is find videos that get thousands of views a day, and in the comments, tell people to watch your videos. Trust me i used it and generated about 200 views in one day an a new vi... Read More »