How to get my stuff back from my computer?

Answer There's no chance whatsoever! Didn't you back them all up onto a USB or recovery drive? This is very, very important. You need to seek a second opinion and see if anything else can be done.

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I am thinking of getting a new Computer how do I transfer my stuff from old to new computer?

there are a few ways, some easier than others.first easiest way is if you are getting a new desktop to replace a desktop, you can install the old hard drive as a slave drive in your new computer. ... Read More »

Help - can i get my old saved sims2 stuff back?

only if you backed it up onto a CD or somthing

If you order from a site and never get your stuff, can you get your money back?

Firstly, contact the supplier and complain that the goods did not arrive. If they are reputable, they will either send replacement goods or a refund.If that doesn't work (it should) then contact yo... Read More »

How to Remove White Stuff From the Back of the Throat?

Specks of white on your tonsils can be a symptom of many illnesses, but if they are not sore or irritated, there is little cause for concern. If you smoke, white lesions in your throat could be a s... Read More »