How to get my stuff back from my computer?

Answer There's no chance whatsoever! Didn't you back them all up onto a USB or recovery drive? This is very, very important. You need to seek a second opinion and see if anything else can be done.

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I am thinking of getting a new Computer how do I transfer my stuff from old to new computer?

there are a few ways, some easier than others.first easiest way is if you are getting a new desktop to replace a desktop, you can install the old hard drive as a slave drive in your new computer. ... Read More »

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How do I delete this stuff from my computer, please ?

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Does anyone know how to put stuff from cassettes onto cds using the computer?

If there is a headphone socket on your cassette player then it's easy. You will need a cable with a stereo jack plug (3.5mm) at each end. You will also need a recording programme, I use audiograbbe... Read More »