How to get on someones Facebook timeline if they blocked you I'll answer yours!!?

Answer If you've been blocked you will be unable to see their profile through your account. But, don't worry about them anyway, care about what you think of you.

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If I download someones video on Facebook will they get notified?

your method of downloading it would not send a notification to them about it there only way of knowing would be if they went on your computer.the only way they would be notified about it is if Face... Read More »

Your opinion on my plans for University ANSWER YOURS IF YOU ANSWER MINE?

if it works for you, then yes, we all learn differently and you might benefit from a uni lower in the league tables. the atmosphere would be more relaxed than a better, hard to get into uni, and th... Read More »

If someone has blocked me on Facebook, can they still see MY posts?

As far as I know once you block someone or become blocked you can't follow the persons activities, it's a clean cut. You can't see any of their activities and vice versa. To be absolutely sure, log... Read More »

If someones name comes up under a spanish facebook profile does that mean they are from spain?

Hmmm, i'd becareful! Just because she has a spanish name doesnt nessacerly mean she is from spain! Should could be from mexico, portugal, etc... But if she is keeping her id safe, maybe she is a ca... Read More »