How to get on to Facebook, Twitter etc in school?

Answer This free proxy changes daily and might be your best bet.… It's also put out by one of the paid VPN companies so you know it's not some hacker proxy.

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Is it legal to persecute a school pupil for being an admin of a facebook group against the school [UK]?

The top line here is conspiracy to commit arson. Carries a life sentence. Being excluded is getting off light. His recourse is to hang things on the real admin

I wanna add a school to my Facebook but i want it to be awesome school like something funny?

U shouldn't be going to school don't lie to people schools aren't funny But try **** school orDick academy

What happens to your facebook or twitter if you die?

As far as I know nothing happens. I have a couple friends on my facebook who have passed on and their facebook accounts are still there. People post on them and say how much they miss them ect even... Read More »

How often do you use facebook or twitter?

Everyday, however i use twitter more than i do facebook.