How to get refund after an ebay fraud / scam in the UK?

Answer If you paid via paypal you could have canceled the transaction before it was taken from your actual bank account. (It's normally held for a few days before the recipient is credited)I believe your ... Read More »

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Paypal scam fraud?

PayPal are thieves!… Empty your PayPal account and transfer all your money into your bank account and close your PayPal account and open a new one.

Is UKForex a safe place for online trading Is it a scam or fraud?

It's not a scam or fraud, but more like a high stakes Casino online. You could do calculus equations on shooting dice. Then use statistics and draw a line chart or line graph with regression trend ... Read More »

Ebay fraud?

He is about to con you silly! He could pay via PayPal using stolen accounts and you won't realize at first but then PayPal will just take back the stolen money leaving you with nothing.And mikey yo... Read More »

How to Report Fraud on Ebay?

To report fraud on Ebay, you need to contact Ebay Customer Support and report it. They may require you to provide the information that led you to believe there was fraud.