How to get sky on laptop ?

Answer go to and go to sky go, make your account and then you can use sky on your pc

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How do i make my laptop become dim when on laptop battery power By the way my laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1564?

Power Options and the keys on your keyboard can adjust the brightness. Also try "appearance" but right clicking your desktop, or properties (known on XP).Good luck!

If a had a film on my laptop could i connect laptop to tv and play on laptop watch trhough tv,if so how?

Try to visit this link...…Hope this help

I have a charger for a laptop that isn't mine but willit charge my laptop?

nooooooo don't do it!!! It's not all about voltage - look at the amps.

Is this laptop a good laptop in your opinion and perhaps light gaming?

It will be ok for light gaming...Worries me a bit the seller had to clean out the cooling vents (usually a good idea in general), but he did it themselves and lost a screw. What if that screw is lo... Read More »