How to get sound from tv while connected from pc to tv via hdmi?

Answer Bottom right corner of screen>right click sound icon> playback> your tv should be listed there> click it> set default

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PlayStation 3 connected via HDMI to my Monitor, but there is no sound?

Typically the monitor does not emit sound. Without another output for audio to a device that supports audio via speakers, you have no options.

Does DVI carry sound if an HDMI adapter is connected?

A video card puts out video signals, no matter what style they are (DVI digital or analog, HDMI digital, VGA analog). Putting an adapter on a cable that is HDMI will not manufacture sound for it, ... Read More »

Lose internet when HDMI is connected?

It is likely a poorly written driver in the HDMI part of your system. What could be going on is the system is "paying all its attention to the HDMI connection" and your system is dropping packets o... Read More »

Laptop connected to the TV through hdmi cable but it dose not show the whole screen help?

Screen res is one possible reason as stated by previous replier, also with some TVs it can be the aspect ratio being used. ie. if you are using 16:9 and the graphics card in your laptop doesn't sup... Read More »