How to get video that's on my Facebook, on my desktop?

Answer install mozilla firefox if you haven't done alreadyinstall the greasemonkey add-onthen search for a facebook video plug in --all 3 links below

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There is a video on youtube thats is 30 minutes ?

Was done before the time limit was introduced to reduce copyright infringement or they have a stake in youtube and pay and invest in the company.

Has everyone thats having problems with facebook got bt?

For anyone interested the back door into facebook can be gained through, this is a proxy that does not register any IP addresses and taking into account it seems as though its just the ... Read More »

Is my Desktop PC capable of video recording?

Basic- yesHD- yes3D- it depends on what recording software you are using, what monitor you are using, and what tv you are using.

Video card driver update, Far Cry 2, Crash to desktop?

hi again, if you want some real help, email me with your specs etc and I will help allI can, got to support the pc gamer (like me) all I can!