How to get video that's on my Facebook, on my desktop?

Answer install mozilla firefox if you haven't done alreadyinstall the greasemonkey add-onthen search for a facebook video plug in --all 3 links below

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My desktop says: 'no video input' Please help...?

Make sure your pc doesnt have more than one video port, if so you may have plugged in the wrong spot. If that isn't the case, you probably need to contact your vendor.

Is my Desktop PC capable of video recording?

Basic- yesHD- yes3D- it depends on what recording software you are using, what monitor you are using, and what tv you are using.

Video card driver update, Far Cry 2, Crash to desktop?

hi again, if you want some real help, email me with your specs etc and I will help allI can, got to support the pc gamer (like me) all I can!

Is it free to video call the usa from the uk using facebook video call when i am using sky broadband?

Currently there is no charge on facebook for video chatting as it is all free.