How to jailbreak ios 5.0.1 without computer ?

Answer Unfortunately you can't jb an iDevice without a computer these days. Jailbreakme used a userland exploit to get deep into the system to jailbreak it, but this was patched by Apple in the release of... Read More »

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How to Jailbreak Ios 4 1?

To jailbreak I OS 4.1, first download an app called Greenpois0n. After downloading, launch the app. From there it will guide you through the process. However, do be aware that tampering with your m... Read More »

What is a Jailbreak?

A jailbreak or jail break is an escape from prison. Since prison escapes are generally undesirable, jailbreaks are usually met with a formidable law enforcement response, especially when they invol... Read More »

How do You Jailbreak an Ipod?

You jailbreak an iPod by checking for updates. It is therefore important for iPod owners to avoid checking for updates, otherwise the iPod will no longer be able to be used in a particular country.

How to Un-Jailbreak an iPhone?

"Jailbreaking" is a procedure that unlocks your AT&T iPhone so you can use it with any mobile carrier merely by inserting another SIM card into the phone. The process doesn't apply to Verizon Wirel... Read More »