How to know if he's using a fake pic online?

Answer You have absolutely no way of telling considering you can uploadany picture you want and call yourself by any name you like. Absolutely NO proof required.The ONLY way you can get ANY person to prov... Read More »

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Men! Do you fancy women witn fake hair, fake nails, fake breasts, fake skin colour..?

That's what guys say but there just pissed off and know that girl is gonna turn em down aha if u look good u look good regardless of how much makeup

How to Make Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Online: The Fake Spoof?

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a Japanese anime series and collectable trading card game. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series, the characters play with their Yu-Gi-Oh! collectable trading cards in battles that are also ca... Read More »

Where can i buy good quality fake clothing online?

How can i view you items/product and purchase do you have a website or something

Is this a fake website I mean do they sell fake bags

100% scam.That is a fake website pretending to sell cheap merchandise.Any site that advertises merchandise cheaper than the official manufacture's website is a fake site shipping gosh awful crappy ... Read More »