How to know if there's a fake Facebook profile of you?

Answer There is no Way to Check Who Is Using Someones Pictures in a Different Name Not Possible Sorry

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Is there any way to know in facebook who visit my profile?

Not that I know of. From what I heard facebook does not let you know on who visited your profile.

How do i let people know i changed my profile picture on Facebook?

create an even and write id detail that you have change your profile . after that, send it out to your Friends as an invite to the even you just created.

Facebook help i need to know something about my profile?

No( One can find you and see your profile picture using Facebook Search site.

Does anybody know if their is a way of checking who has viewed my profile on facebook?

No there's no way, that would contradict the whole anonymous/confidentiality that users have with facebook. Of course, only your friends can view you profile, and you can chose to let certain frien... Read More »