How to look up a name on facebook and match to town?

Answer Go to the search bar on top and type anything. Afterwards, you will see "search filters" on the left. Press "people"Later, you will see "search tools", you can press location and add a filter, then... Read More »

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Cafe Town on Facebook?

No, because it just launched... you need to wait for awhile

Farm town on facebook?

Yeah a lot of people are having that problem INCLUDING ME !! :-(I have some cotton ready to harvest as well.. I saw something about they'll extend the Ready To Harvest for an extra day.It should be... Read More »

Is anyone having trouble getting on farm town on facebook?

I found this..may help to answer ur Q.Farm Town app developer SlashKey’s site is also currently inaccessible, possibly brought down in a virtual stampede of frantic Farm Town users. The discussio... Read More »

Why does Facebook photos 'number' not match up?

It'll be because David has a total of 295 photos of him tagged, but you can only see 247 of them because 48 of those photos will be photos that his friends have chosen to make private, and therefor... Read More »