How to make a video have no sounds?

Answer Try to use a video editor to do that.

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I have loads of laptops that make uncharacteristic poping sounds that i have sent back Has anyone else?

my laptop has never done that before!hmmm.....maybe i should work on making mine as special as yours xxx

Whate name sounds best for this video, please help?

just leave it as backflip megafail, because if you write how not do it people might think its some sort of boring tutorial rather than entertaining. You can call it 'epic bacflip fail' if you want ... Read More »

I have lost all sounds on my computer?

If there's no sound icon anywhere it's not a hardware error, you're just missing a driver. Find the audio driver for your computer on the 'net (preferably off the manufacturer's site - dell are ver... Read More »

Is it possible to have a pre-recorded video playing instead of a live thing on video call on MSN?

Yes it is, people on stickam and other cam sites do it all the time to try and trick others into doing things. Special cam software that allow for desktop sharing can do the same trick.