How to make it so that a wireless laptop won't interfere with a wireless ps3?

Answer It's not interference, its utilization. The slow down is occurring because their isn't enough bandwidth, either on your WiFi network or you Internet connection. If you are using an 802.11g router, ... Read More »

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Why wont my laptop work wireless?

It's a minefield trying to connect for the first time wirelessly. It can be the router, the BB connection or the PC itself... there are so many possibilities it's worth getting a computer savvy fri... Read More »

What Will Interfere With a Petsafe Wireless Fence?

PetSafe wireless fences, hidden fences that are buried underground or attached to wooden fences, keep a dog in the yard or stop the pet from digging holes under existing fences. Fences work with a ... Read More »

If I connect a wireless router to a laptop, does it cease to transmit wireless signals and becomes 'regular'?

Regular? What are you talking about?But no, why would it stop just because you plugged a cable into the router...

I have a wireless laptop and router. i think i have installed it correctly. do i also need a wireless usb adap?

No. You would need that if your laptop didn't have a wireless card.