How to make usb 2.0 transfer speed faster?

Answer As earlier - you cant but if you have a desktop or tower computer you can remove the drive from the case and connect it directly to the motherboard if it has a spare sata connector(I assume the dr... Read More »

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You insist over and over again that it is impossible to go faster than the speed of light. This is completely and entirely untrue. Tachyons travel faster than light. They also go faster as they exert less and less energy. — K?

I'm afraid that you confuse the hypothetical with the actual. While people have hypothesized about superluminal particles called tachyons, they have never been observed and probably don't exist. Th... Read More »

How to Make DSL Download Speed Faster?

DSL is among the fastest types of Internet connectivity. Even with DSL Internet connections, however, downloading large files such as music and movies can require several minutes or perhaps hours o... Read More »

Is there any way to make my connection speed faster?

- come near to your access point or wireless route- Buy a new wireless access point or route has stronger signal- Buy wireless boost device- Buy more access points and routes

How can i make my internet speed faster?

Ask your service provider for an upgrade to a faster connection.