How to not see people on Facebook without unfriending them?

Answer Click on the chat settingAdvanced settingsChoose turn on chat for every one except >>>>> write his profile name

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Can you make people accept thing you send to them on msn without them wanting to?

Block someone on facebook without them knowing?

you will have to take him off of your friend's list. then, according to ur security setting, he will not be able to message you anymore. of course that means, he will not be able to look at ur face... Read More »

How can I delete my family off facebook without upsetting them?

not to make you feel like crap, but it would probably hurt their feelings really bad.. my little brother deleted me once and i felt awful :/try tweaking a few of your privacy settings first.. if yo... Read More »

Can people see when you set them as a "Close Friend" on Facebook?

No they can't. The lists are for you, no one can see them but you.