How to open a moviemaker project that I made on windows moviemaker 2010 on a 2003 computer?

Answer well what you do is, search it on your start menu, on the bottom left corner in the screen, click that and search moviemaker. click it with your right side of your mouse, then there will be a litt... Read More »

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Can you upload moviemaker to Youtube?

see this link…

2003 - 2010 Gold trend 300% growth - The West's monetary base 2003 - 2010, 300% growth. Enough said?

You are using your special "focus only on what you want to see" glasses; 1515 to 2003 Gold trend 0% actual growth (adjusted for inflation), the West's monetary base 1515 to 2003, a bazillion percen... Read More »

If i delete videos i made in windows movie maker, from my computer, that ive put on youtube?

Yes, of course. You have uploaded a copy......

If I create a powerpoint using powerpoint 2003 does it work on another computer with the 2010 one?

Yes the file which is made in 2003 version will work on a 2010 version. You have to make some slight changes while saving the file. You can also use a PowerPoint ShortcutTools which is compactable... Read More »