How to persuade my parents to let me make a facebook?

Answer You have to be 13 or over, so if you are younger your parents will not let you, however you could maybe create a presentation with good reasons why you should have a fb account, i know it might be ... Read More »

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How to persuade my parents to let me get Facebook?

Tell her that you are going to be cautious and only add people that you know as friends.

How to persuade my parents to dye my hair?

I used to have the same problem persuading my parentsfirst of all make them see you are responsible, maybe do a few helpful things around the house.Then try talking to them, the chances are they wo... Read More »

How can I persuade my parents to buy me a train simulator?

All of the above, plus, offer to meet them half way on the cost. They already got you a computer. What did you do to earn that? Do the same for the simulator.Cranking out some good grades on up-... Read More »

How do I persuade my parents to get my nose pierced?

hey my names emma too! anyway I'm 13 and this summer I'm getting my nose pierced. I'm getting it this summer because of my strict school. anyway, tell ur parents that its barely noticeable and u ca... Read More »