How to ping my site?

Answer if using windows xp just open a command window, from start menu, click run, then type cmd. a black window will open. from there, type inping www.jtbids.comand it will report the ping response times... Read More »

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How to ping a site and save the IP as a variable in a batch file?

for /f "Tokens=2 Delims=[] skip=1" %%i in ('ping -n 1 %computername%') do set IPAdress=%%i…

When you ping to somewhere, why doesn't it make a ping sound?

Have you seen those tools that do make the submarine ping sound for wireless networks ?They also draw a radar on the screen and put a dot on it so you know how far away it is and in what direction.... Read More »

Is there a way to test the average ping in my area and not just the ping i have?

Your broadband and pings depend on how far you live from the telephone exchange you can check this at…If you live further than 1km you should get around 8... Read More »

Feedback for site please review my site is a free site for you?

Excellent. Much better. I went to your website. Very professional, Karl. I would just mention one thing you might consider - that roving white circle bullet dart that is flying back and forth acros... Read More »