How to pretend you're offline on facebook?

Answer There were times when I wanted to not talk or appear "AFK". After 10 mins of no activity ur FB would turn off ur green icon to others in the chat column. Oc it turns back on as soon as u move aroun... Read More »

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Is making a pretend facebook illegal Will I get in trouble?

At my school they made a fake facebook of my friend and put a picture of a homeless person as the profile pic. Due to all of the commotion the teachers wound up knowing who made it and they got int... Read More »

Are Facebook users too stupid to see all those questions about Facebook being offline?

i agree, they should search the question before posting, id like to abuse them, but ive already lost an account previously

Facebook can you appear offline when your on.?

I think you just have to change your privacy settings.

How can you go offline on Facebook ?

Well if someone Is using mobile, Active ____ will always come up.With Facebooks new chat you cannot go offline you can just Turn off ChatYou can do this by Clicking onto the Options button next to ... Read More »