How to put an album onto my phone?

Answer you need to convert the album to an mp3 before copying it to your phone windows media player should be able to do that for you

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How can I add album art, artist etc on 'Google Play Music' (android phone)?

Check the guide of how to do so...…Good luck!

If i download an album off iTunes directly onto my iPad will i be able to transfer it to my pc to my phone?

Yes! It is easier if you have an iphone but if not don't worry there probably is a way...1) Make sure Itunes is downloaded to your computer, unless you have an apple mac (apple macs should have it ... Read More »

How to Block My Phone Number on AT&T When I Make a Phone Call From My Home Phone?

Caller ID block is a feature that enables users to hide their phone number on the caller ID of another phone. AT&T home phones offer two types of caller ID blocks: temporary caller ID block and per... Read More »

Can you explain how the telephone wiring in my home works for the telephone My touch-tone phone has 4 wires, but I understand that only 2 wires are used. Does the phone use the other 2 wires for the light on the phone pad, etc. — DS, Larkspur, CA?

Your telephone performs all of its functions using only those 2 wires. The 2 extra wires are virtually never used by a single-line telephone. The only exception that I'm aware of is the old "Prince... Read More »