How to remove data from computer hard disk?

Answer Eraser is a free and easy-to-use solution that will overwrite your private information with random patterns until the data is no longer recoverable. It works with nearly every version of Windows an... Read More »

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If i remove my hard disk from my computer and put on a new one, will it reset itself to the factory settings?

No. If you remove the hard disk from your computer and put in a new one, provided that there is only one hard disk currently in the computer, there will be NO DATA WHATSOEVER on the new hard drive.... Read More »

How do you store the operating system on a SSD and files and data on a Hard Disk Drive?

Physically install both drives in your system. When installing the OS, install it on the SSD drive. Then when the system is up and running, format your 2nd drive and use that for your data.

Does the Tomtom one v4 satnav contain a hard disk drive, or is the data stored on solid state components?

Drop it once more and you'll find out, as the case smashes!It's stored on a flash disk type, a solid state chip.

I will sell my do i permanently erase all sensitive data from the hard disk, leaving no readable trace?

You can!Standard Way:Delete first everything on your harddisk that is sensitive.But don't delete it normal. Use a SHREDDER program. You can get this for free on main problem is ... Read More »