How to reset password in ubuntu 10.04?

Answer How to reset your password on Ubuntu…LUg.

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Lost my WinVista admin password Was only account on my system I don't have any password reset disk plz help?

I had this problem, in the end I had to a system recovery back to factory conditions. I cant remember but it was either by pressing F10 or F11 before the computer restarted it gives you the option... Read More »

How to Disable Password Authentication in Ubuntu?

Ubuntu Linux is an edition of the Linux operating system. It makes use of passwords to authenticate user logon requests in its default configuration. If your system is of a lower security priority ... Read More »

How come Ubuntu asks me to manually type the password every time it connects to my wi-fi?

Dead easy. Go to System, Preferences, Network Connections, select tab for Wireless, click on your network, click on Edit button, click on Connect Automatically, click on tab for Wireless Security,... Read More »

How do I reset my password?

You have to give a few more details. Is your password saved in a web browser (internet explorer, chrome, firefox, etc)? A document? What is the password for?