How to retreive old emails?

Answer I don`t know who your provider is, but with BT Yahoo all you need to do is type in either a keyword or phrase into the search box and you can retrieve your email(s).

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How can I retreive deleted emails?

Try Don't they usually go into the 'Deleted Items' bin?If so, just click on it and there ought to be an option to 'Restore'. If you'd care to enlighten us about which of the hundre... Read More »

How can I retreive pictures on my old PC to put onto a new one I have no CD-RW?

The best way is to remove the hard drive from your old computer, and put it into your new computer as a "slave drive". Then just copy the pictures to your new computer's hard drive, or BURN a CD ... Read More »

How do I retreive files from my hard drive if my PC is dead?

ok first locate the drive and remove it from the lap top. now send the lap top for repair or buy a new one.presuming the drive is a standard 2.5" hard drive then you can get an external drive enclo... Read More »

How can I retreive my files from my computer when it won't load Windows?

Take the hard drive out and put it in the other one as the second drive.