How to set up Wireless in my room?

Answer Well, you're on the right track, but it's not that simple. What you could do is set the second router up as a repeater. This would require some reconfiguration of both routers (the main one would b... Read More »

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Why cant I get a signal on my wireless laptop, from my hub in another room?

does it work ok in the same room?sometimes new means incompatiblei sent mine back and got my money backi prefer my old one. 100% reliable and fast enough for me.

Can my room-mate through a wireless connection, see what I'm doing on my computer?

Yes and no.A simple example of what she can do is monitor the router log for what web sites you are visiting. To see what I am referring to, enable verbose logging on your wired or wireless router... Read More »

I ordered a wireless router, but got no wireless adapter or wireless card?

Go to Start->Control Panel->Network Connections.That will list your network adapters. You should have one called "Local Area Connection", that's your wired ethernet connection. If you have a wirele... Read More »

Why is it that when I am in my dorm room with my window open and the door closed, there isn't a change in temperature and no wind comes in or blows around. But if I open the door, the room becomes cold and wind is felt throughout the room?

When the wind blows into your room, it comes to a stop and experiences a rise in pressure. This is an consequence of Bernoulli's equation, which recognizes that energy is conserved and that in a fl... Read More »