How to set up more than one wireless router?

Answer You can use multiple routers provided they are configured correctly.Unless you have experience in network configuration, it's not a good idea to use additional routers unless you turn off the routi... Read More »

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Can you use more than one router in the same house?

Depends on router model, but generally yes, you can chain two routers together (via wired ports):…Other option is to just buy a wireless "Access Point", an... Read More »

Is a ethernet cable faster than a wireless router and if so should i swap them over?

The cable can be 10 or 100 or 1000mbps depending on your equipment and that will show on the LAN icon at lower right. G wifi is 54 and the N can be 150 and that will show on your wifi icon. The big... Read More »

Can I connect more than one computer to my wireless connection?

Most wireless routers can support up to 30 wireless connections, although if they are all downloading at the same time, you'd have a major slowdown in speed.

If I directly (with cord) connect my laptop to the router, will it be faster than the wireless connection?

If you want to transfer files and things between PCs connected to the router then wired is the best solution. If you are just using the router to access the internet, the connection speed to the i... Read More »