How to share internet using a network cable?

Answer You could use internet connection sharing as long as your computer has a spare ethernet port.there will be a wizard that takes you through all this use either of these methods (WinXP) 1) Open the ... Read More »

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My laptop has stopped connecting to internet via bt hub. it says "a cable is not plugged into network adaptor.?

this keeps happening to me . mb ur not getting a good enough signal. .or sometimes. . . if you switch ur laptop off and switch the hub off at the wall. . leave it for a little while and then. . try... Read More »

Internet sharing using ethernet cable?

Hi there,You can simply change the password and he/she will not be able to log on.Or you can setup MAC address filtering in your router so his/her computer is not allowed to connect.Set it up so on... Read More »

Connecting a PC using Crossover Cable and Internet Access.?

To share between computers, and still access internet, you need two network adapters in at least one machine. One adapter connects to the internet (wired or wireless), the other adapter connects to... Read More »

Is it legal to connect to and browse the internet using any unsecured network?

Found this for you have a read… and make up your own mind if it is legal or not , i would say it is illegal but everyone does it at some time or another, a... Read More »