How to share internet using a network cable?

Answer You could use internet connection sharing as long as your computer has a spare ethernet port.there will be a wizard that takes you through all this use either of these methods (WinXP) 1) Open the ... Read More »

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My laptop has stopped connecting to internet via bt hub. it says "a cable is not plugged into network adaptor.?

this keeps happening to me . mb ur not getting a good enough signal. .or sometimes. . . if you switch ur laptop off and switch the hub off at the wall. . leave it for a little while and then. . try... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Network Cable and an Ethernet Cable?

Computer suppliers often advertise "Ethernet cable" for sale. But what is Ethernet cable? Ethernet is the name of a set of standards for networking specifically related to the physical elements of ... Read More »

How to share folders in same network?

Your question seemed kind of confusing... but it looks like you're trying to share folders and can't access it. On my computer, I have Win 7 and have a few folders that I share. I have encounter... Read More »

How can I share files on my already set up wireless network?

Are all of your computers on the same work group name. You can see if this is true by going into My Computer then My network connection and then view computers in my work group. If you don't see th... Read More »