How to speed up a laggy computer?

Answer Best thing you can do is Defrag your computer and do a disk clean.To defrag:1) Go to start menu and search for Defrag.2) Click that and then pick what you want to defrag.To do a disk clean:1) Downl... Read More »

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Help Gaming computer £1000+ is laggy?

not sure if your trolling or not butwhat confuses me is you said "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 4GB GDDR5 graphics card with 1000MB memory."but if it has 4GB,it can't have 1000MB.4GB is 4096MB,and then yo... Read More »

Why does minecraft run so laggy?

It may feel laggy because when the frame rate dips you can notice it-so I'd play with the frame rate limited (by decreasing from max FPS to balanced or powersaver also by installing optifine) you w... Read More »

Why is my skyrim so laggy?

its the graphics card, all the games you listed pail in comparison to skyrim in terms of graphical power needed to run them. the issue is the games you mentioned all have skyboxs (a box in which is... Read More »

Why is my sound laggy!?

Try Bandicam!See…