How to stop facebook?

Answer You can block websites using parental controls in your browsers internet options...Or...You can block the site by editing a system file:browse to this location:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\open th... Read More »

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How I stop unknown people on facebook to stop liking my pictures?

That post was must be public thats why someone see it & liked it.When you post status or photo use the audience selector & choose 'friends only' , so that nobody except your friend can see it & won... Read More »

How can I stop Facebook sending me email notifications when I get a message on Facebook?

when you say yes to a application you get the option of the emails or not! You obviously don't uncheck the notification box. Just go into application settings and change it!

Im think im addicted to facebook, does anyone know how i can stop or decrease my hours going on facebook?

A couple ways that might work depending on the kind of person you are are:1. Take up a hobby. Join an Art class or a book club, or even start sewing or doing needlepoint.2. Join a team. If you are... Read More »

How to stop my facebook addiction?

Your life is boring and in a cycle , facebook provides something new , gossip , talk etc . Play video games or watch anime , try something new you'll easily abandon facebook if your playing Call of... Read More »