How to stop google from finding my Facebook?

Answer Delete your Facebook account. Or change your Facebook name to a diffrent name, like a nickname or your first name + initial of your surname.

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If someone blocks you from facebook does that stop you from finding their page in other peoples friends list?

That is correct. it blocks all further communication with them as well as searching for them anywhere, including your friends. etc

How to stop people on Facebook finding my Tumblr?

Make sure that you change the email that you use for Facebook and Tumblr to a different one for each social networking site. Basically just don't use the same email! You can change the email you us... Read More »

How do I stop being redirected to when I try to open google and facebook (and probably more)?

Hello there! You've got some nasty stuff lurking on your PC. The best way to clear this out is as follows:Download: Windows Defender and Malwarebytes, and install.Cold boot your PC.Enter Safe-Mode ... Read More »

How can I stop facebook from sending me emails from my Gmail?

go to settings (on top right) then click account settingsthen click notifications (near the left)and then where in says email click edit on the right side.remember to save you settings