How to stop my facebook being locked or banned (READ DESCRIPTION)?

Answer Yes simple, stop making fake accounts.Suggest you read this, in particular these references,â–  Use of a fake nameâ–  Impersonation of a person or entity, or other misrepresentation of identityhttp... Read More »

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HELP PLEASE, I can't log into my facebook acount! *read description*?

Your problem is that you have two facebook accounts. That's against facebook's policy in their Terms of Service. Only one facebook account is allowed. They don't only look at your email addresses. ... Read More »

How to Stop a Facebook Post From Being Seen?

Sharing content with the wrong people on Facebook can be embarrassing or worse. Negative comments about others, gossip or talking about quitting your job are just some of the things that can have u... Read More »

I spend too much time on facebook, How can I stop being so addictive?

if ur in ur teenage, keep ur comp. in ur parents room.i was a fb addict too, i used 2 spend more than 15hrs online, & coudnt leave it becoz i had 2500+ frndz!better 2 deactivate acc., or keep in ... Read More »

Is there away to stop things I read/do from ending up on peoples facebook feeds?

You can simple just if u are looking at a particular person adding them as a close friend and u will receive updates following them on facebook and they will no longer be updated every time u look ... Read More »