How to stop non-friends messaging you on Facebook?

Answer You have to change your privacy settings to friends only.

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How to Stop People From Messaging You on Facebook if They're Not Your Friends?

By default, people you do not know can send you messages on Facebook. But you can adjust your privacy settings to stop people who are not your Facebook friends from sending you a message. When a pe... Read More »

How to stop people messaging me on fb that aren't on my friends list?

Now that Facebook has removed the feature where you can control who sends you messages, you can only block them if you want them to stop messaging you. And yes, I know you don't want to block them,... Read More »

How to make her stop facebook messaging me?

First go to the messages > Actions > Report as Spam or Report Conversation. Then when a new chat come up > Turn Off Chat for *. Then go to the person's profile and Block user.

How do I stop my friends on Facebook from seeing my friends list?

go to your profile > update info > on the top of the screen you'll find your name and (about) button change from (about) to friendsnew web page will be opened. your friends list will appear. over i... Read More »