How to stop showing ?

Answer You Can Not Stop That its Part of the Facebook Site Only The Facebook Team Can Shut it Off If They Wanted to

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How can I stop pornography showing on google?

if you not logging into it you have spyware or adware causing it, start by deleting history "to the beginning of time" the get into safe mode, select with networking, download Malware Bytes, instal... Read More »

How to turn stop windows 7 showing what key I am pressing?… ☺

How to stop facebook showing to my friends what I comment on?

the only way is to add people to your restricted list

How can i stop the clips in my hair extentions showing?

Put them where the thickest/deepest part of your hair is, and once in, backcomb the hair on top, should cover them, if not then you need to buy extensions with thinner metal/plastic clips. xx