How to transfer facebook contacts to yahoo account?

Answer To import your Facebook contacts into Yahoo! Contacts:1.Please visit Yahoo! Contacts2.Under the "Popular Tools" section, please choose Import Your Contacts from other accounts to Yahoo!.3.Then clic... Read More »

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Can someone send files to my facebook contacts after i have deactivated my facebook account?

For the average person no this is not possible.But in the cyber world anything is possible because this environment is built on machine code.So the person wanting to do such a thing would need the ... Read More »

Avoiding Duplicate Contacts on a Second Facebook Account?

When you reactivate a facebook account, are your friends/contacts still there, or do you have to re-add them?

Yes, they will be. I believe they got into trouble in the UK with this though as it's against Data Protection Rules....Basically if you turn off your account, you're opting out of their service whi... Read More »

How to Disconnect My Facebook Account From My Yahoo?

Facebook is a social networking site that keeps you up to date with friends, family and fans. If you have a Yahoo! account, it may be more convenient for you to connect to Facebook through Yahoo! a... Read More »